[Guizhi Shaoyao Zhimu Tang Danshen Angelica Barley]_ Angelica _ efficacy


[Guizhi Shaoyao Zhimu Tang Danshen Angelica Barley]_ Angelica _ efficacy

For women, qi and blood is very important. Insufficient qi and blood will affect the health of the body, and the skin will become rough, especially in the physiological period.Is the best way.

It is understood that in traditional Chinese medicine, after using Guizhi Shaoyao Zhimu Tang Danshen Angelica Barley and rice porridge, the effect of qi can be achieved, and it is also good for regulating women’s menstruation.

Method 1: Take 30 grams of indica rice, and use an appropriate amount of sugar as raw material.

Wash the coix seed, put it into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil the casserole over the fire, then simmer with simmering heat.

After the barley kernels are cooked, add sugar and serve.

Efficacy: Spleen dehumidification, weight loss and swelling.

Method two: Ingredients: 500 grams of mutton, 150 grams of barley, 50 grams of shallots, 150 grams of radish, 150 grams of carrot, 60 grams of beans and 50 grams of celery.

Seasoning: 25 grams of garlic, salt, pepper, moderate amount Cooking method: Wash the barley and soak for 4 hours; wash the lamb, onion, radish, garlic, celery, carrots; spare.

Put the mutton, barley, shallot, radish, garlic, celery, carrots, and some water together and cook until the mutton is cooked. Remove the floating debris while cooking, then remove the garlic, celery is not used, remove the mutton, radish and carrotCut into small cubes, put back in the pot, add salt, pepper, and peas to taste and boil.

Features: delicious and delicious.

Soup recipes: barley porridge for beriberi and rheumatism effects: rheumatism, clear edema, beriberi edema, rheumatoid arthralgia and pain materials: barley (one or two and a half), actually rice (one or two), water (appropriate amount)Wash the ingredients and put them in the pot. Slowly heat the water to the rice noodles. Add salt to carry out three: recipe: 100 grams of rice, 30 grams of astragalus, 30 grams of barley kernel. Production: 1.

Wash and slice astragalus; rinse the rice and barley seeds.


Put rice, astragalus and barley seeds into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over a fire and cook for 40 minutes with low heat.

How to eat: Take 100 grams of porridge once a day.

For dinner.

Efficacy: replenishing vitality, stopping diarrhea.

Patients with chronic spleen deficiency enteritis are particularly good.

Method 4: Use 30 grams of indica rice and an appropriate amount of sugar as raw materials.

Can spleen and dehumidify, lose weight and swelling.
Zhishi, Coix kernel 30 grams each, Xiaomi 100 grams.

Add water and cook porridge for breakfast.

Use 7?
10 days.

Fang Zhongzheng, Yan Renli wet stop band.

It has a lot of effects on coldness and dampness, thinness like water, weak waist and knees, weakness of the whole body, debilitating spirit, accompanied by unscented diet, and those with weak hands and feet.

[4 best times for men and women have this best sexual approach]


[4 best times for men and women have this best sexual approach]

A survey indicates that more than 80% of people have experienced such a “sex unemployment period” in their lives.

Sexual Unemployment Period Some people say that the empty window of sex refers to a period of time (usually from one month to two years) when the stable sex life comes to an abrupt end, and couples cannot enjoy normal regular sex.

There are many reasons for sexual “unemployment”. If they are not handled properly, they may cause tandem problems, such as mutual suspicion, derailment, the appearance of a third party, and the indifferent feelings of husband and wife.

Therefore, everyone with sexual experience should learn to deal with the “sex unemployment period” correctly.

Separation period between the two places.

Due to objective reasons such as work, some couples have to separate the two places. The separation of the space is called the couple’s body, which is emotionally tortured, and is prone to loneliness, annoyance, irritability, resentment and other emotions, and therefore quarrels and accusations.

This is also an important reason why many “distance love” and “couples of the two places” eventually separated.

Coping strategies: In addition to maintaining a phone call and text message once a day, lovers in two places should agree on a time period for meeting, such as 2-3 months.

You can also solve the problem of Acacia through network video and other methods.

It should be noted that the two sides must trust each other, because there are many things that are likely to cause suspicion in the two places apart. Do not say “Do you have someone else?”


[Difference between Hangbai Chrysanthemum and Fetal Chrysanthemum]_Recommended Diet


[Difference between Hangbai Chrysanthemum and Fetal Chrysanthemum]_Recommended Diet

Many people have bought chrysanthemum tea, and usually drink some chrysanthemum tea properly, which has a good health care effect on the body. There are many types of chrysanthemum tea. We often see chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, or other chrysanthemums.So this type of chrysanthemum is more suitable for self placement?

What is the difference between Hangbai Ju and Chrysanthemum?

Let’s take a look at this content.

First of all, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and fetal chrysanthemum both have heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, and both have a certain effect of lowering fire and clearing the liver, and can usually drink some appropriately, which has good health effects on the body, and also promotes metabolism in adults.It also has certain effects in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The difference between yellow-white chrysanthemum and fetal chrysanthemum is not particularly large. When the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is not open, its flower bud is called fetal chrysanthemum. These two chrysanthemums only have different flower opening times. As for the chrysanthemum, it is the top grade of chrysanthemum., Will play a better role in health care.

If the buds are all open and then picked at this time, it belongs to Hangbai Ju. There are also many names of Hangbai Ju, also known as Xiaotang Huang, also known as Xiaobai Ju.

Hangbai chrysanthemum and fetal chrysanthemum also have certain differences in size. Hangju chrysanthemum is in full bloom, so the heart is darker, because the chrysanthemum is not fully open, so the color is beige and the flowers are fine.

In addition, there are certain differences in the production process. After the steamed chrysanthemum is steamed and then dried, it feels like a cake that sticks together. When the chrysanthemum is not fully opened, the harvest is the fetus.The chrysanthemum and the gerbera are also dried and then steamed and baked to become the gerbera we drink.

[How to eat lemon can lose weight?


]_ Recommended diet

[How to eat lemon can lose weight?
]_ Recommended diet

Speaking of lemon weight loss, in fact, everyone should be familiar with this method, because in life, lemon is a more common fruit, and it is widely used, you can also put it in when cooking food, and wantFriends who lose weight, eating lemon is also more effective, but if you want to play a better role, you should pay attention to the correct way of eating.

The reason why lemon can achieve weight loss is because lemon vitamin D and other substances can also have good beauty and beauty effects in the body, and after these ingredients are properly formulated, it will become a substance for weight loss, so eatAt the same time, lemon can make you have more perfect skin.

But lemon is more acidic, and many people may have difficulty swallowing it, so we can eat lemon through other ways of eating. A certain kind of lemon vinegar is better. Weight loss and beauty diet can also effectively reduce dark spots and freckles., To whiten the skin, it is recommended to drink a small cup after meals. This can help digestion and let you have a more beautiful figure. Be sure to remind yourself that you cannot step on an empty stomach to avoid stomach injury.

The easiest way is to soak lemonade, which can be done by everyone. Cut the lemon into slices and put it in cold water. Make sure that the lemon cannot be put in the boiling water, because it will lose or damage himAmong the nutrients.

If you want a better taste, you can put some honey in it.

[Are there any sequelae of abortion and anaesthetics?


[Are there any sequelae of abortion and anaesthetics?

Abortion itself is hugely harmful to women. In addition, in the process of abortion, anesthetic is required. This layer of injury must be added with the possible danger of anesthetic. The harms of abortion and anesthetic in production are similar.of.

The first is the time when a person will be comatose after taking anesthesia during the operation, and then if the effect of the anesthesia is not good or it will not cause the patient to be unbearable, and there are complications caused by allergies to the anesthetic, nausea, vomiting, and itching.


The initial need for awake long-term maternal anesthesia after the operation officially started, after the operation, the maternal was pushed into the recovery room and stopped here?
Two hours, depending on the method of anesthesia used.

If the mother is using an epidural or spinal sinus, she should stay in the recovery room until her lower body becomes aware and her legs can be twisted.

If general anesthesia is adopted, it is necessary to stay in the recovery room until the consciousness is completely restored. Therefore, after anesthesia, it is not as timely as awake.


If the anesthesia effect is not good, the pain is unbearable. If the pregnant woman has undergone a trial before the cesarean section, the pain caused by the regular contraction of the uterus, and the pregnant woman is tired. After the anesthesia, the contraction pain disappears and the pain is relieved. Some pregnant women immediatelyWill fall asleep and has a good anesthetic effect.

However, there are also cases where the anesthetic effect is not good, so the pain caused by stretching is very uncomfortable when taking weight and washing the abdomen (so-called gurgling water).

If this happens, the doctor will take some analgesics and sedatives to relieve the mother’s pain after the baby is dialyzed, so that the mother will have a strong sleepiness and reduce the pain.


Analysis of complications caused by anesthesia Analyze whether to use local anesthesia during abdominal delivery. Some women may experience severe headaches, and some people may feel back pain. The symptoms vary from person to person.

With general anesthesia, you may feel dizzy, dry and sore throat, or feel nauseous and vomit.

If morphine is used in the anesthetic, the mother may still feel itchy all over the body, but these side effects generally occur after delivery 24?
It gradually disappeared within 48 hours.


Unexpected conditions in anesthesia. During local anesthesia, epidural anesthesia is often used as an anesthesia method. This method will have a certain interference with the blood circulation system, so you must be careful during use.

If pregnant women with hypertension syndrome, anemia, poor cardiac compensation function, and uncooperative mothers take complications, it is likely that accidents will occur and endanger the lives of mothers and infants.

Endotracheal intubation is required for general anesthesia, and the physiological changes of pregnant women during pregnancy, endotracheal intubation has certain difficulties. Once the intubation fails, the maternal will be in danger of life.

[Can red bean barley rice noodles be drunk every day]_How to drink_How to drink

銆 愮 儿 プ 呜 綏 綫 Chong Meng Meng mutually ╁ ぉ 雽 濆 悧 銆 撱 軝 甞 锽 漾 悡 悍 悍 甽?
绾 ㈣ 霜 鍜 沏 滏 軸 槸 炱 炲 Father in the world and the real world.I ‘m sorry, I ‘m awkward, I ‘m so awkward, I ‘m going to crash, you ‘re going to crash, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go to the restaurant峰埌杈呭姪浣滅敤銆備絾鏄袱鑰呯婀跨殑鍔熸晥閮藉崄鍒嗗己鍔诧紝浜轰綋鍐呯殑婀挎皵鏄湁涓€瀹氶噺鐨勶紝鍘婚櫎骞插噣瀵逛汉浣撲篃闈炲父涓嶅ソ銆傞偅涔堟瘡澶╅鐢ㄤ細涓嶄細瀵艰嚧韬綋鍑虹幇浠€涔堥棶棰樺憿锛熸垜浠潵閫氳繃涓嬮潰鐨勬枃绔犱簡瑙d竴涓嬨€傝枏绫充互鍏堕楂樼殑鍏荤敓鍔熸晥锛屽緱鍒板緢澶氫汉鐨勫枩鐖憋紝浣嗘槸钖忕背铏藉ソ锛屼笉鑳芥瘡澶╅兘鍚冿紒钖忕背鎬у懗鐢樻贰锛屽井瀵掞紝鏈夊埄姘存秷鑲裤€佸仴鑴惧幓婀裤€佽垝绛嬮櫎鐥广€佹竻鐑帓鑴撶瓑鍔熸晥锛屼负甯哥敤鐨勫埄姘存笚婀胯嵂銆傚悆钖忕背濂藉澶氾細1銆佽枏绫充腑鍚湁钖忚嫛浠侀叝锛屾槸涓€绉嶅緢濂界殑鎶楃檶鍓傦紝瀛愬鐧屽彲浠ヨ捣鍒拌緟鍔╁姛鏁堬紝鍏锋湁寰堥珮鐨勬粙琛ヤ繚鍋ュ姛鏁堛€?銆 住 綫 瀫 謏 腘 宁 冪 姪 姪 逓 哋 娯 哹 員 員 員 員 咓 尓 纓 麏 鍏 锋 湁 鲨 僸 吩 婩 婅 傻 尽 埽 姄 姘 姷 曉曉 柉 況 構 揉 構 槉 専 揉 構 槉 姟 構 姟 構 柁 槛闄堜唬璋紝鍑忓皯鑲犺儍鐨勮礋鎷咃紝鍔╂秷鍖栥€?銆 住 瀫 绫 Chong-chong is the most beautiful one, and it ‘s very difficult to get back to the back. It ‘s very important. E: it ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s so strong.偆鎰熸煋绛夋湁涓€瀹氱殑鎶戝埗浣滅敤銆?銆佽枏绫冲澶村彂涔熸湁濂藉锛岃兘闃茶劚鍙戝吇鍙戙€傚悆钖忕背鏈変簲澶х蹇岋細1銆佷究绉樺強鍑烘睏灏戠殑浜烘渶濂藉皯鍚冭枏绫筹紱2銆佽枏绫虫€у瘨锛屽鏋滄槸浣撹川铏氬瘨鑰咃紝鎴栫粡鏈熷コ鎬у強瀛曞涓嶅簲鍚冭枏绫筹紱3銆佺啲钖忕背绮ョ殑鏃跺€欙紝鏈€濂戒笉瑕佸姞澶х背锛屽洜涓哄ぇ绫虫槸灞炴箍鎬ч 鐗 ╋ 璴 璴 滑 璑 咑 咕咕 倕 背 ュ 瘨 訨 詨 ц 窡 旋 村 ぇIt ‘s hard to find a good way to do it, but it ‘s hard to get it right. It ‘s very difficult to do it.佸湪鍒嗗ī涓ゅ懆鍚庨€傞噺椋熺敤锛岃兘甯姪浼ゅ彛鐨勬仮澶嶏紱6銆佽枏绫充笉瑕佹瘡澶╅兘鍚冿紝姣忔杩囬噺鐨勫悆锛屽惁鍒欐槗浼よ劸鑳冿紝鍑虹幇鑵圭棝銆佽吂娉荤瓑銆傝枏绫崇殑鍘绘箍浣滅敤鏈€涓哄箍娉涘簲鐢紝濡傛灉浣犱篃鍑虹幇鍙h嫤鍙e共锛岀撼鍛嗘伓蹇冿紝韬噸鑲㈠€︼紝鎬曠儹姹楀锛屽皬渚胯壊榛勶紝Research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and development, research and developmentI ‘m so weak, I ‘m not sure what to do, but I ‘m going to read it, I ‘ll read it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll do it.滀竴婀夸笉闄わ紝鐧剧梾婊嬬敓鈥濅箣璇淬€傛箍鐑綋璐ㄧ殑浜哄簲璇ラ€傞噺It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s not a good idea.鐜囷紝涓嶉渶瑕佹瘡澶╅兘鍚冿紝姣忓懆椋熺敤涓夊洓娆″嵆鍙€傝枏绫冲悆娉曟湁寰堝锛屾渶甯歌鐨勬槸鍋氭垚绮ワ紝浠婂ぉ灏忕紪灏辩粰澶у浠嬬粛鍑犳渚ч噸涓嶅悓鍔熸晥鐨勮枏绫冲吇鐢熺播锛屾敹钘忓仛璧锋潵鍚~1銆佹竻鐑婀跨播椋熸潗锛氱孩璞嗐€佽枏绫炽€佺櫧鎵佽眴銆佽姟瀹炪€佽尟鑻撱€佹湪妫夎姳鏂规硶锛氭妸鏈ㄦ鑺卞拰鑼嫇娲楀噣锛岀劧鍚庢斁閿呬腑娓呮按鐓哺鍚庡彇姹併€傚湪鐓哺鐨勬眮涓姞鍏ュ墿浣欐潗鏂欙紝涓€璧风啲鐓垚绮ュ嵆鍙€傝繖閬撶播鍏锋湁寰堝ソ鐨勬竻鐑婀跨殑鏁堟灉锛屽鏋滄湁灏忎究涓嶅埄銆佽偁鑳冧笉閫傚強鑳搁椃姘旂煭鎯呭喌锛岄€傚綋鍠濅簺锛岄潪甯歌鏁堝摝銆傚鏋滄病鏈夋椂闂存瘡澶╅兘鐔播锛屽彲浠ョ洿鎺ュ啿娉′腑鑽尪锛屾瘮濡傛€℃竻鑼讹紝姝ゆ柟鎴愬垎涓鸿枏浠併€佺孩璞嗐€佹贰绔瑰彾銆佹爛瀛愩€佹灣妞囧瓙銆佸喅鏄庡瓙绛夛紙鏈畬鍏ㄥ叕寮€锛夛紝鎬℃竻鑼舵槸缁忚繃鐜颁唬鍏堣繘鐨勫伐鑹哄埗浣滆€屾垚锛屼互渚挎嵎鐨勮娉¤尪褰㈠紡锛屼负蹇妭濂忕敓娲荤殑蹇呭鍘绘箍鍝併€?

[How long does the frog cook]_How to cook_How to cook

銆 愮 敯 楦 $ 揶 擶 Hydro 抙 抆 樱 訝 頞 頞 頞 傠 傠 傍 傍 頍 頦?
With a floating chain, a chain of creeds and arbitrarily linked chains can be used to fry the hawthorn. It ‘s a shame that you ca n’t do it anymore. ”锛岀敯楦″悆璧锋潵涓嶄粎钀ュ吇浠峰€奸珮锛岃倝璐ㄤ篃鏄潪甯哥粏瀚╃殑锛屽挨鍏舵槸鐢伴浮鐨勫彛鎰熺壒鍒殑濂斤紝寰堝浜哄钩鏃堕兘鍠滄鍚冪敯楦★紝鐢伴浮铏界劧濂藉悆锛屼絾鏄敯楦′腑鏄湁瀵勭敓铏殑锛屽洜姝ゅ湪鐑归オ鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鏄渶瑕佸皢瀵勭敓铏潃姝荤殑锛岄偅鐢伴浮鐓涔呭彲浠ユ潃姝诲瘎鐢熻櫕鍛?With a floating head?   撔 呲 彝 姝 寝 瘎 熻 櫕?What is the effect of the village of Taozheng?What are you going to do? Do you want to borrow your own money? You have a lot of money, you have a lot of money, you have a lot of money, you do n’t have to worry about it, you do n’t have to worry about it.0 闒 嗛 捓 鍒?灏忔椂鏉€姝荤敯楦$殑鍚冩硶(1)娉℃鐢伴浮鏉愭枡锛氱敯楦°€佹场妞掋€侀浮绮俱€佽懕濮滆挏銆佹补鐩愩€傚仛娉曗憼鍏堝皢鐢伴浮娲楀共鍑€鍚庡垏鎴愬潡鐘舵斁纰楅噷澶囩敤锛岀劧鍚庡皢娉¤剼钂滃ご鍜屽鐗囬兘鍒囧ソ鏀句竴鏃併€傗憽寰€閿呴噷闈㈠€掓补锛屽皢娌圭叜娌革紝鐒跺悗灏嗘场妞掑€掑叆鐖嗛锛屽啀灏嗙敯楦″€掕繘鍘荤炕鐐掞紝绛夊埌鐢伴浮鍙樿壊鍚庡嵆鍙皢鐩愬拰楦$簿鏀捐繘鍘伙紝鏈€鍚庢拻鍏ュ钂滆懕缁х画缈荤倰鍑犲垎閽熷嵆鍙叧鐏嚭閿呫€?2)楹昏荆骞查攨鐢伴浮鏉愭枡锛氱敯楦°€佸共杈f銆佹枡閰掋€佽姳杈f銆侀鑿溿€佽懕濮滆挏绛夈€佺櫧绯栥€侀檲閱嬨€佺櫧绯栥€佺敓绮夈€傚仛娉曪細鈶犲皢钁辩櫧鍒囨垚灏忔锛岃荆妞掑垏鎴愬皬鑺傦紝濮The world’s best harvesting and harvesting teas are the best way to get rid of tea and tea. The tea and tea are taken out by the girl and the tea is put out, and the tea is put away楦℃竻娲楀共鍑€锛屽苟灏嗚〃闈㈢殑鍔ㄧ墿鏉傜墿閮芥竻鐞嗗共鍑€锛屽苟鍒囨垚鍧楃姸鏀剧疆鍦ㄤ竴涓閲岋紝鍦ㄧ閲屽€掑叆鏂欓厭锛岀洂浠ュ強鐢熺矇锛岃厡鍒跺崄鍒嗛挓銆傗憿鍦ㄩ攨閲岄潰鍊掓补锛屽皢娌圭叜鐑悗鍦ㄦ妸鐢伴浮鑲夋斁杩涘幓锛岀劧鍚庣厧鍒版硾榛勮壊鏃跺嵆鍙嚭閿呫€傗懀鍦ㄩ攨搴曟斁鍏ュ共杈f锛岃姳Brain teasers, the world is accompanied by floats, and there is a lot of trouble: I ca n’t tell you how to make up and down the chain.岃鍏ヤ竴镣圭偣锏界硸璋冭壊锛屽皢棣栾彍涔熷€掕繘鍘荤炕鐐掞紝绛夊埌鐢伴浮鍏ュ懗鍎垮樊涓嶅浜嗕箣鍚庡嵆鍙鐩樸€?3)鐖嗙倰鐢伴浮鏉愭枡锛氱敯楦°€侀粍妞掋€侀粍鍓佽荆妞掋€佸钂滆懕銆佽殱娌瑰拰鑳℃绮夈€佽€佹娊銆傚仛娉曗憼棣栧厛瑕佸皢榛勬鐨勭苯鍏ㄩ儴閮藉幓鎺夛紝鐒跺悗鎶婂鍒囧ソ锛岃挏瑕佹媿鎵侊紝鐒跺悗灏嗚懕鍙跺垏濂斤紝鐢伴浮鍒囨垚鍧楃姸娲楀共鍑€鏀剧閲屻€傗憽鍦ㄩ攨閲屽€掓补锛屽皢鐢伴浮鑲夋斁涓嬪幓The following is the following: Θ, click, click, click, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!斁杩涘幓鐖嗛鍚庡啀鍊掑叆鐢伴浮缈荤倰銆傗憿灏嗛€傞噺鑰佹娊鍊掑叆鍒扮敯楦′腑锛岀劧鍚庡€掑叆涓€鐐硅殱娌癸紝缈荤倰鑷充笂鑹插悗鍐嶆斁榛勬缈荤倰锛屾渶鍚庡皢鑳℃绮夌瓑棣欐枡閮芥斁杩涘幓缈荤倰涓€浼氬嵆鍙嚭閿呫€?

Jidian Co., Ltd. (000875): High coal price swallows thermal power profits, new energy releases help performance turnaround

Jidian Co., Ltd. (000875): High coal price swallows thermal power profits, new energy releases help performance turnaround

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 73.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 43 in ten years.

09%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

15 trillion, compared to the same period last year3.

4 billion, lower than Shenwan Hongyuan’s expectations.

  Key points of investment: Benefit from the start-up of new units and the improvement of regional supply and demand patterns, and the overall growth of thermal power, heating and new energy revenues.

In the first and second quarter of 2018, the company’s Changchun Thermal Power Units 1 and 2 were put into operation, with an additional 700,000 kilowatts of thermal power installed, while benefiting from the increase in power demand in Jilin Province in 20186.

8%, the company expects to complete 11.6 billion kilowatt-hours of thermal power generation, an increase of 34 per year.

At 08%, the supply variable was 29.54 million GJ, an increase of 30 per year.


The company continued to increase the layout of the new energy industry. By the end of 2018, the company’s installed wind power installed capacity had gradually increased by 1.7 million kilowatts, an increase of 48 from the beginning of the year.

50,000 kilowatts, and a total of 1.37 million kilowatts of photovoltaic installed capacity, an increase of 18 earlier.

50 thousand kilowatts.

In 2018, the company achieved 27 wind power generation.

7.9 billion kWh, an increase of 39 every year.

02%, achieving photovoltaic high current 17.

400 million kWh, an increase of 91 per 深圳SPA会所 year.

twenty one%.

The company’s annual total power generation increases by 39 each year.

43%, electricity prices are basically stable, driving revenue growth.

  High coal prices caused thermal power outages to expand in the second half of the year, and the release of new energy performance drove development performance to a deficit.

In 2018, Jilin Province’s coal price index rose, with an annual increase of 10 in the first half of the year.

21%, the company’s 2018H1 thermal power sector net crack is 0.


Thermal coal price index continued to increase in the second half of 2018, an increase of 7 compared with the same period in 2017.

95%, an increase of 8 from the first half of 2018.

83%, leading to the expansion of the company’s thermal power sector to 1.

580,000 yuan, but still reduce losses for ten 都市夜网 consecutive years2.

2.5 billion.

The company’s wind power and photovoltaic installed capacity continue to increase and the abandonment rate drops, and the new energy sector contributed profit in 20187.

170,000 yuan, increasing profits in ten years4.

09 million yuan, helping the company’s overall performance to turn losses.

  Both endogenous and extensions continue to increase the layout of the new energy industry.

The company has established four new energy development bases in Northeast, Northwest, East China, and Jiangxi, and three new energy transportation wiki sites in Changchun, Hefei, and Jiujiang. As of the end of 2018, new energy installations accounted for 47%, and were distributed in 18 nationwideProvinces and national layouts have basically taken shape.

The company announced in August 2018 that 7.

4.3 billion shares acquired 100% equity of 7 wind power companies affiliated to Shanghai Chengrui Investment Co., Ltd., involving a total installed capacity of 32 wind power projects.

70,000 kilowatts, the transfer of equity has been completed, and the road of extension and expansion has begun.

In addition, the Jilin Baicheng Photovoltaic Application Leading Base Project (100,000 kilowatts) invested by the company in April is progressing in an orderly manner, and the company’s new energy conversion rate continues to increase.  Earnings forecast and estimation: Considering Jilin Province’s coal price rises and conversions since the second half of 2018, we have reduced the three alternatives. We have reduced the company’s 2019-2020 net profit attribution to 2, respectively.


4.4 billion (3 before adjustment).

16 and 4.

2.8 billion), plus the net profit forecast for mothers in 2021 is 4.

100,000 yuan, currently corresponding to PE 26, 19, 16 times.

The company’s new energy sector is in a fast-growing period. The release of thermal power and thermal sector performance is still pending for coal prices to fall, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

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榛勭摐鏄緢澶氫汉閮藉枩娆㈠悆鐨勶紝瀹冧笉浠呭彲浠ユ嬁鏉ュ仛钄彍锛屽彲浠ョ倰鐫€鍚冿紝鍑夋媽鐫€鍚What’s the difference? The scented and splendid woven fabrics are scented and scented; the sorrowful sorrows have fallen; the slabs have fallen and the sorrows have been set up.傛瀛愬叆鍙i吀鐢滐纴链夋竻鑴嗗拰杞朝镄勫彛镒燂纴锲犱负姹佸镶夊锛屽彲浠ョ敓娲ヨВ娓达紝鎵€浠ュ彈鍒板緢澶氫汉鐨勫枩鐖卞拰杩芥崸銆備綔涓轰袱绉嶉兘鍗佸垎鍙楁杩庣殑椋熺墿锛屾瀛愬拰榛勭摐鍙互涓€Bifeng sour?Sorry, there is nothing to do here, you can see it, you can see it, you can see it, you can see it, you will find it, you can see it, you can see it, you can do it in any ring粠钀ュ吇鏂归潰鑰冭檻锛岃繖涓ょ椋熺墿涓嶉€傚悎鍦ㄤ竴璧峰悆銆?銆佸悓椋熷奖鍝嶆瀛愪腑鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭淮鐢熺礌C锛岃€岄粍鐡滀腑鍚湁涓€绉嶅垎瑙i叾锛岃繖绉嶇墿璐ㄤ細鍒嗚В妗冨瓙涓殑缁寸敓绱燙绛夎惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝浠庤€岃澶ч噺鐨勮惀鍏绘祦澶憋紝钀ュ吇浠峰€间This is a brand-new product: it’s awesome, it’s awesome, it’s awesome, it’s so good, it’s so good, it’s so hot, it’s so good.佹眰锛屾槸鍙互涓€璧峰悆鐨勶紝鍥犱负涓ょ椋熺墿鐨勭浉浜掍綔鐢ㄤ笉浼氬鍋ュ悍閫犳垚鍗卞銆?銆佷簡瑙i粍鐡滈粍鐡滄棦鍙互浣滀负钄彍锛屼篃鍙互褰撳仛姘存灉椋熺敤锛屽叿鏈夌敓娲ユ鍜炽€佹秷闄ょ嚗鐑€佹竻鐑В姣掋€佸埄灏挎秷鑲裤€佸噺鑲ョ槮韬瓑鍔熸晥锛屽悆榛勭摐鍏锋湁鎶楃檶銆佹姉琛拌€併€佸噺鑲ュ己浣撱€佸仴鑴戝畨绁炪€佽В閰掋€侀檷琛€绯栫瓑浣滅敤銆傞粍鐡滀笉瀹滅粡杩囬珮娓╁姞鐑悗椋熺敤锛岄粍鐡滀笉瀹滀竴娆℃€у悆澶锛岄粍鐡滀笉瀹滀笌瀵屽惈缁寸敓绱燙鐨勯鐗╁悓椋熴€?銆佷簡瑙f瀛愭瀛愭槸澶忓鏈€甯歌鐨勬按鏋滀箣涓€锛屽叿鏈夌敓娲ュ拰琛€銆佹椿琛€娑堣偪銆佺鐥版鍜炽€侀槻娌讳究绉樼瓑鍔熸晥锛岄€傚悎缂洪搧鎬ц传琛€銆佺梾鍚庡悍澶嶃€佷究绉樼瓑鎮h€呴鐢ㄣ€傚悆妗冧篃鏈夎澶氭敞鎰忎簨椤癸紝涓嶅疁涓€娆℃€у悆鐨勫お澶氾紝瀹规槗瀵艰嚧鑵硅儉銆佽吂鐥涖€佷笂鐏瓑涓嶉€傜棁鐘讹紝妗冨瓙闇€娓呮礂骞插噣鍚庨鐢紝妗冩瘺瀵规秷鍖栫郴缁熼€犳垚鐨勪激瀹宠緝澶э紝瀵瑰仴搴蜂笉鍒┿€傛瀛愮硸鍒嗗惈閲忚緝楂橈紝涓嶉€傚悎闄堕洩濠枫€佺硸灏跨梾鎮h€呴鐢ㄣ€傛瀛愪笉瀹滄秷鍖栵紝涓嶉€傚悎鎮f湁娑堝寲绯荤粺鐤剧梾锛屾垨鑰呮秷鍖栬兘鍔涜緝寮辩殑浜洪鐢ㄣ€?

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In the world, the world’s most important treasures are returned to their parents, and their fathers and mothers are sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful.互鐩存帴鎷岀潃鍚冿紝涔熷彲浠ョ倴鐫€鍚冿紝椋熺敤鏃跺畠鐨勫彛鎰熼兘闈炲父鐨勭朝銆傚叾瀹炶眴鑵愬浜庡コ鎬ф湅鍙嬮潪甯哥殑鏈夊ソ澶勶紝濂虫€ф湅鍙嬪簲璇ュ鍚冭眴鍒跺搧锛屽洜涓鸿眴鍒跺搧瀵圭毊鑲ら潪甯哥殑濂斤紝鏃跺父椋熺敤杩樺彲浠ュ欢缂撹“鑰侊紝褰撶劧璞嗚厫骞朵笉鏄彂鐗┿€傚ぇ璞嗙被鍒跺搧绫婚兘涓嶆槸鍙戠墿锛岃眴鑵愯ˉ鐩婃竻鐑€佹竻娲佽偁鑳冿紝鎬у钩锛岄€備簬鑲犺儍涓嶆竻锛岃眴鑵愬府鍔╂秷鍖栥€I’m not sure if you’re walking around, you’re walking around, and you’re walking around, you are here, you are here, you are here, you are here, you are here, you are here, you are here, you are here.瀵硅儍閮ㄨ緝涓轰笉鍚堥€傦紝鍙﹀浼氬奖鍝嶇鍏冪礌鐨勬秷鍖栧拰鍚告敹銆傚彂鐗╃殑鍗卞璇卞彂鐤剧梾瀵规煇浜涚壒娈婁綋璐ㄧ殑浜轰互鍙婃煇浜涚柧鐥咃紝椋熺敤鍙戠墿瀹规槗璇卞彂鏃х梾瀹跨柧鎴栧姞閲嶇幇鏈夌柧鐥呫€備笁绫荤柧鐥呮偅鑰呴鐢ㄥ彂鐗╂渶鏄撳鑷村鍙戠柧鐥咃細绫婚婀裤€佺棝椋庡拰鍝枠銆傚墛寮辫嵂鍔涘湪鏈嶈嵂鏈熼棿椋熺敤鍙戠墿锛屽緢澶х▼搴︿笂浼氭姷娑堝拰鍑忓急鑽墿鐨勭枟鏁堛€傚彂鐗╃殑绉嶇被澶氾紝鑼冨洿骞匡紝浣嗕粠鍙戠梾鏈虹悊鏉ョ湅锛屽彲鍒嗕负浠ヤ笅鍑犵鑷寸梾鍗Bian 銆?銆佹縺绱犺鍙戝鐚ご鑲夈€佸叕楦°€佺緤鑲夈€佽€侀箙绛変腑鍚湁澶ч噺鍔ㄧ墿婵€绱狅紝鍗充护鍦ㄧ叜鐔熶箣鍚庯紝鍏跺悎鎴愭縺绱犵殑鍩烘湰鐗╄川浠嶇劧瀛樺湪锛岃繘椋熶箣鍚庯紝閬撲汉浣撶殑鍐呭垎娉岋紝鎴栬绠°€佺缁忕郴缁熸湁婵€鍙戞垨鍏村浣滅敤銆備竴浜涗笌涓婅堪绯荤粺鏈夊叧鐨勭柧鐥呭垯瀹规槗琚鍙戙€?2銆佽嚧鏁忓紩鍙戣澶氳泲鐧借川椋熺墿锛屽鐣滅銆侀奔绫汇€佹捣椴溿€佽泲銆佸ザ鍜屾煇浜涜敩鑿溿€佹按鏋滃潎鍚湁杈冨鐨勭敓鐗╂椿鎬х墿璐紝杩涘叆浜轰綋锛屽線寰€浣滀负杩囨晱鍘熴€傝€屽紩鍙戝彉鎬佸弽搴旀€х柧鐥咃紝杩欎簺椋熺墿锛屽疄闄呬笂涔熸槸鍙戠墿銆?3銆佸埡婵€淇冨彂涓€浜涜緵杈i鐗╋紝濡傝荆妞掋€佽懕銆佸銆侀煭銆佽挏銆佽儭妞掔瓑锛屾€у懗杈涜荆锛屽鑲犺儍鍜屾満浣撴湁鍒烘縺鎬э紝瀵圭儹鎬х梾锛屽嚭琛€鎬х柧鐥咃紝鍚勭鐐庣棁濡傜柈銆佺枛銆佺棃銆佽偪鏈夊姞閲嶇梾鍔匡紝淇冨彂鐐庣棁鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€備竴浜涢ギ鏂欏娴撹尪銆佸挅鍟°€侀厭绫汇€傝兘鍏村绁炵粡锛屽绁炵粡绯荤粺鐤剧梾寰€寰€鏈夎鍙戜綔鐢ㄣ€?