[4 best times for men and women have this best sexual approach]


[4 best times for men and women have this best sexual approach]

A survey indicates that more than 80% of people have experienced such a “sex unemployment period” in their lives.

Sexual Unemployment Period Some people say that the empty window of sex refers to a period of time (usually from one month to two years) when the stable sex life comes to an abrupt end, and couples cannot enjoy normal regular sex.

There are many reasons for sexual “unemployment”. If they are not handled properly, they may cause tandem problems, such as mutual suspicion, derailment, the appearance of a third party, and the indifferent feelings of husband and wife.

Therefore, everyone with sexual experience should learn to deal with the “sex unemployment period” correctly.

Separation period between the two places.

Due to objective reasons such as work, some couples have to separate the two places. The separation of the space is called the couple’s body, which is emotionally tortured, and is prone to loneliness, annoyance, irritability, resentment and other emotions, and therefore quarrels and accusations.

This is also an important reason why many “distance love” and “couples of the two places” eventually separated.

Coping strategies: In addition to maintaining a phone call and text message once a day, lovers in two places should agree on a time period for meeting, such as 2-3 months.

You can also solve the problem of Acacia through network video and other methods.

It should be noted that the two sides must trust each other, because there are many things that are likely to cause suspicion in the two places apart. Do not say “Do you have someone else?”


[How to make eggplant and mashed potatoes?


]_ Recommended diet

[How to make eggplant and mashed potatoes?
]_ Recommended diet

How to make eggplant and potatoes?

For those who love this food, of course, I hope to know, because we all know whether it is the method of mixing eggplant and mashed potatoes, or the production of other foods. After you know the steps, you can eat it any time you want.If you can eat it, then the following introduces the method of mixing eggplant and mashed potatoes.

The required ingredients include eggplant, potatoes, green peppers, parsley, shallots, garlic, cooking oil, etc. After the potatoes are peeled and sliced, the eggplants are processed and cut into hob pieces, and the potato pieces and eggplant pieces are placed in a steamer.Among them, wait for 10 minutes after steaming, then put the steamed ingredients into the pot, add edible peppercorns or star anise and stir well, add some salt and cilantro seasoning according to your dietary taste.

Especially eggplants and potatoes, these are often eaten in our lives, and ordinary ingredients can also make very delicious food, especially eggplant, in fact, it has good anti-cancer effects. For preventionGastric cancer is more effective because it contains solanine, which can inhibit the proliferation of digestive system tumors, so it is more beneficial to health care.

Of course, everyone ‘s dietary tastes are different, so when making this food, you still need to pay attention to understanding the use and preparation of various ingredients, because delicious food, understand the basic steps and the use of ingredients, what is in the homeWhen I wanted to eat it, I could do it manually, and it was healthier.

Collision (603808) 19 Interim Review: Q2 growth faster than the previous quarter

Collision (603808) 19 Interim Review: Q2 growth faster than the previous quarter

Brief performance evaluation 1H2019 The company achieved revenue 12.

66 trillion, ten years +17.

09%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

90 trillion, ten years +17.

9%; deduct non-attributed net profit1.

76 trillion, ten years +10.


Among them Q2 single quarter revenue 6.

44 trillion, ten years +27.

05%, a growth rate of +18 from Q1.

73pct; net profit attributable to mother 1.

01 ten percent, +24.

72%, a growth rate of +13 from Q1.

72pct; deduct non-attributed net profit 0.

93 trillion, ten years +16.

44%, a growth rate of +12 from Q1.

61 points.

In terms of business analysis, by brand: 1H 2019, ① main brand ELLASSAY revenue 4.

77 megabytes, + 7% for one year. There are 16 net-closed stores (2 directly-operated stores and 14 distribution-stores). At present, there are 296 stores, and the average main business income of stores nationwide increased by +12.


② Laurel brand revenue of 54.22 million yuan, +3 a year.

76%, a net increase of 3 stores.

③EdHardy series income 2.

320,000 yuan, at least -6.

21%, with 7 net closing shops.

④ IRO (excluding China) revenue 3.

05 trillion, +31 a year ago.

95%, IRO China revenue is 37.77 million yuan, +208 per year.


The stores are always directly operated. There is a net closing of 1 store in China and 无锡夜网 a net increase of 5 stores in China.

⑤VT revenue was 9.32 million yuan, +248 throughout the year.

98%, a net increase of one store.

⑥ Jean Paul Knott has opened its first store in Shenzhen.

8In August 2019, a joint venture was established with the founder of the self-portrait brand, and through the vigorous expansion of channel marketing and other resources, the brand’s business in mainland China was operated.

By channel: in the first half of 2019, ① offline channel revenue10.

60 trillion, +12 for ten years.

0%, revenue accounted for 95%; ② 55.59 million yuan in online channel income, +22 in ten years.

9%, accounting for 4 of the main business.98%; ③ Baiqiu Internet revenue 1.

41 trillion, ten years +73.

2% net profit was 2575.

390 thousand yuan, +18 a year.


From the sales model point of view: 1H 20厦门夜网19, ① direct sales store revenue 6.

690,000 yuan, a year + 1739%; ② distribution store income 4.

47 trillion, +5 ten years ago.


From the perspective of financial operation indicators: 1H19 gross profit margin was 67.

03%, year -1.

68pct; sales expense rate is ten years -1.

2 points to 30.

27%; management expense ratio (including research and development expenses) for half a year-0.

94pct to 13.

56%; net interest rate +0 per second.

74pct to 17.


The company’s inventory turnover days are every 7 days, the accounts receivable turnover days are every +3 days, and the accounts receivable days are each -7 days.

The company’s inventory balance is 5.

300 million, + 1% from the beginning of the year, accounting for 13 of total assets.


The investment suggestion of the group operation has achieved initial results. 1H2019 has newly achieved self-portrait mainland operation rights. The coordinated development of multi-brand matrix in the future is worth looking forward to.

It is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 4 respectively.

33, 5.

04, 5.

7.5 billion, with EPS of 1.

30, 1.

52, 1.

73 yuan, +18 a year.

5%, 16.

6%, 14.

1%, the current market value corresponds to PE of 11x / 10x / 9x, maintaining the level.

Risk Warning: Growth of mid- to high-end women’s clothing, multi-brand integration is less than expected, risk of goodwill impairment, and restricted stocks lifted

Midea Group (000333): A Look at Midea from the History of Channel Evolution: Becoming a Leader and Dancing Due to Situation

Midea Group (000333): A Look at Midea from the History of Channel Evolution: Becoming a Leader and Dancing Due to Situation
The development history of beauty is also a history of channel evolution.From the perspective of channels, the development process of Midea can be divided into two stages: First, before 2005, the industry transitioned from the introduction period to the development period, from the shortage of products to frequent price wars.At this time, Midea adopted an agent-based channel model. The chain was Midea Group—> First Class Agent—> Secondary Agent—> Retailer—> Customers. Its revenue grew from 500 million in 1992 to 21.3 billion in 2005, with high performance.Growth is accompanied by higher volatility. Second, from 2005 to 2011, the industry transitioned from the development period to the mature period, and chain stores such as Suning and Gome rose strongly.Out of consideration of risks and autonomy, Midea began to establish a local sales company system, and the channel chain was transformed into the “Marketing Headquarters of Refrigeration / NEC Group Corporation-Joint Venture Company-Distributor”, which is more flexible and agile.Midea’s operating income jumped from 47.3 billion in 2009 to 93.1 billion in 11 years, with a GAGR of 28%. The high-speed growth of the business while reducing the volatility.After the reform of the Refrigeration Group, NEC Group followed a series of rapid growth, and the network of specialty stores has penetrated strongly in the third- and fourth-tier markets. However, the reform supporting measures are insufficient, and regional marketing companies will soon change. At this time, Midea quickly readjusted the channels after experiencing pains, showing the company’s excellent genes of “quick response.” Third, from 2012 to the present, the industry has entered a mature stage, the growth rate has been restructured, the market structure of oligopoly has become clearer, and new consumer trends such as e-commerce have emerged.The channel part returned to the agency system, and the concept shifted from the introduction of income scale to the expected profit creation.And after the number of outlets was achieved, the full coverage of the secondary and secondary markets, and the coverage of the tertiary and tertiary markets reached more than 95%, Midea began to transform the channel form and channel process reengineering: 1) explore online e-commerce channels, 2)Offline flagship store, 3) “T + 3” mode change.The profit growth rate of the group began to exceed the income growth rate. The profit increased from 3.3 billion to 20.2 billion, with a GAGR of 36%, which is a double 南京桑拿网 of the income growth rate. The profitability has improved significantly, and the net profit rate has risen from 6% to 8%.10%; overall performance shows a steady upward trend. Sorting out this history, we find that although there are setbacks and repetitions in the middle, the direction of Midea’s channel change has not changed. It has been reaching a wider range of consumers, a more diverse channel structure, and a more agile market response.Work hard.The high-quality large-scale outlets in the early stage reached more consumers to gain scale advantages, and then changed the channel form, improved turnover and efficiency to reduce costs, and integrated comprehensive channel advantages. Investment suggestion: Let ‘s look at Midea from the perspective of channel transformation. We believe that Midea has the ability to respond quickly to market changes, has a good tradition of rapid decision-making, and efficient execution of good genes.Adaptability.We estimate that the company’s operating income for 2019-2020 will be 283.4 billion, 331.3 billion, surpassing growth8.2%, 10.6%, net profit is 23.5 billion, 27 billion, an annual increase of 16.1%, 14.9%, corresponding to PE16, 14 times, maintain “Buy” rating.Risk warning: industry competition is intensifying, and bargaining power in downstream channels is increased.