[Difference between Hangbai Chrysanthemum and Fetal Chrysanthemum]_Recommended Diet


[Difference between Hangbai Chrysanthemum and Fetal Chrysanthemum]_Recommended Diet

Many people have bought chrysanthemum tea, and usually drink some chrysanthemum tea properly, which has a good health care effect on the body. There are many types of chrysanthemum tea. We often see chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, or other chrysanthemums.So this type of chrysanthemum is more suitable for self placement?

What is the difference between Hangbai Ju and Chrysanthemum?

Let’s take a look at this content.

First of all, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and fetal chrysanthemum both have heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, and both have a certain effect of lowering fire and clearing the liver, and can usually drink some appropriately, which has good health effects on the body, and also promotes metabolism in adults.It also has certain effects in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The difference between yellow-white chrysanthemum and fetal chrysanthemum is not particularly large. When the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is not open, its flower bud is called fetal chrysanthemum. These two chrysanthemums only have different flower opening times. As for the chrysanthemum, it is the top grade of chrysanthemum., Will play a better role in health care.

If the buds are all open and then picked at this time, it belongs to Hangbai Ju. There are also many names of Hangbai Ju, also known as Xiaotang Huang, also known as Xiaobai Ju.

Hangbai chrysanthemum and fetal chrysanthemum also have certain differences in size. Hangju chrysanthemum is in full bloom, so the heart is darker, because the chrysanthemum is not fully open, so the color is beige and the flowers are fine.

In addition, there are certain differences in the production process. After the steamed chrysanthemum is steamed and then dried, it feels like a cake that sticks together. When the chrysanthemum is not fully opened, the harvest is the fetus.The chrysanthemum and the gerbera are also dried and then steamed and baked to become the gerbera we drink.

[How to make colorful scallop soup]_Colorful scallop soup_How to make_How to make


[How to make colorful scallop soup]_Colorful scallop soup_How to make_How to make

Colorful scallop soup is definitely a full-colored and fragrant food, but you must also pay attention to the preparation of this food and the use of various auxiliary seasonings, so as to make the taste more delicious, you can use the methods to be more comprehensiveTo understanding.

First, prepare the material Main ingredients: scallops 10 grams loofah 20 grams bell pepper 35 grams accessories: ginseng 16 grams gastrodia 10 grams white silver needles 20 grams seasoning: ginger 2 grams salad oil 5 grams salt 4 grams monosodium glutamate 2 grams white sugar 1 grams cooking wine 2Grams each amount 1.

Wash the loofah, peel and cut the seeds; 2.

2. Wash the sweet red pepper and cut into strips;

Wash and slice fresh ginseng; 4.

Gastrodia is cut into small pieces; 5.

Wash the silver needles; 6.

Ginger peeled and sliced; 7.

Wash scallops, add soup, wine, ginger slices, and steam into a steamer; 8.

After steaming, take out the scallops and discard the original juice for later use; 9.

Add oil to another skillet, pour consomme and boil over medium heat; 10.

Add Gastrodia, fresh ginseng slices, loofah sticks, sweet red pepper sticks, silver needles, scallops and cook until taste; 11.

Add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sugar to soak.

Second, the practice of colorful scallop soup: raw materials: 10 grams of scallops, 20 grams of loofah, 1 red bell pepper, 16 grams of fresh ginseng, 10 grams of gastrodia, 20 grams of silver needles, 2 grams of ginger, 5 grams of salad oil, 4 grams of salt, MSG 2g, white sugar 1g, Shaojiu 2g.

Method: 1. Loofah peeled, seeded and sliced, sweet red pepper sliced, fresh ginseng slices, Gastrodia cut into small pieces, washed with silver needles, ginger peeled and sliced; 2, scallops washed, plus soup, Shao wine,Ginger slices, steam into the steamer, take out the original juice for later use; 3, add oil to the pan, pour clear soup, boil over medium heat, then add gastrodia, fresh ginseng slices, loofah strips, sweet red pepper strips, silver needle, Scallops are cooked until taste, and then salt, MSG, and sugar are saturated.

The GEM index hit a new high in the past three years. Northbound funds are still sweeping the goods.

The GEM index hit a new high in the past three years. Northbound funds are still sweeping the goods.

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  Too hot!

The GEM index reached a new high in the past three years, and northbound funds are still sweeping the goods!

Is it about to rise?

Which sections have the most drama?

  Source: E company official Weiyuan Kangyin is only four trading days away from the Spring Festival holiday. On January 20th, the size index trend was clearly differentiated. The GEM index continued to strengthen and hit a new high of about three years.

Since the beginning of the new year, Kitakami Capital has made a net purchase for 13 consecutive trading days, and has not sold it for a single day. The total amount of goods scanned has exceeded 58 billion yuan.

  GEM Index Trend Chart North Capital Funds Buying Situation in 1 Month Since Entering 1 Month, the A-share institutional market has become more and more fierce. Electronics, communications, financial technology, new energy sectors have led the rise, catering and tourism, aviation, liquor, film and televisionThe plate was sluggish, and Hainan, the concept of biological vaccines and other stocks rose daily limit.

The total turnover of the two cities was 679.1 billion.

Northbound funds today totaled a net inflow of 41.

9.3 billion yuan.

The net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 12.

5 billion yuan, Shenzhen Stock Connect net inflow of 29.

4.3 billion yuan.

  Chips, consumer electronics continued strong January 20, the Shanghai stock index rose 0 in the morning led by technology and pharmaceutical stocks.

43%, GEM rose 1.


In the afternoon, pharmaceutical and technology stocks continued to push the stock index upward.

The GEM closed up 2.

57% to 1982.

18 points hit a new high of more than three years.

  Since the beginning of 2019, the GEM has been in a continuous upward trend until the close of January 20, and the GEM index has increased by 58 during the period.


  Entering 2020, the continued strength of chip semiconductors and consumer electronics will promote the continued growth of the GEM and the science and technology board.

Year to date, the GEM Index has gradually increased by 10.

24%, while the small and medium board index increased by 9 at the same time.

11%; CSI 500 rose 6.

07%; and the CSI 300, which represents blue chip weights, has grown 2 year-to-date.

18%, SSE 50 rose only 0.


The market structure is clearly differentiated, and the trend of small and medium-sized companies is ahead of the white horse blue chips.

The GEM Index has taken the lead in breaking through and significantly outperformed other benchmark indices.

  Driven by the enthusiasm of investors to do more, the industry sector generally grew on January 20. Anti-flu concept stocks were on the rise and fall. Lu Kang Pharmaceutical, Daan Gene and other 15 stocks rose. The consumer electronics concept stocks rose sharply. Lansi Technology, Wing Tai technology daily limit; chip concept stocks rose, Jiangfeng Electronics, Hangjin Technology, Fuman Electronics and other stocks daily limit.

  In the final close, on the 20th, there were 67 non-ST shares and non-new shares daily limit.

To be specific, the daily limit stocks in the bio-vaccine, mobile phone industry chain, new energy, Hainan and other sectors are concentrated.

  In addition to the pneumonia-stimulated bio-vaccine sector, the mobile phone industry chain, which represents consumer electronics, and the new energy vehicle sector driven by Tesla’s localization, continued to be strong.

  The mobile phone industry chain strengthened on the 20th and led the GEM to continue to climb.

On the news, the performance of the individual stocks in the industry has clearly rebounded. For example, Lansi Technology announced yesterday evening that it has a profit of 24 in 2019.5.2 billion-26.

1.2 billion, an increase of 285% -310% a year.

Wingtech has a profit of 12 in 2019.

5 percent is 1.5 billion, a 10-year increase of 1949-2358%.

  The concept of new energy is forecast to rise rapidly at noon. On the surface of the news, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said on the 20th that it is necessary to strengthen the management of expectations, maintain support for the development of new energy vehicles, and promote urban transportation, logistics distribution, time-sharing leasing, and sanitation official vehiclesWhen vehicles are scrapped and updated, they will be replaced by new energy vehicles.

  Northbound funds continued to flow into the science and technology board, which continued its strong performance since 1 month. On January 20, 48 of the 75 listed companies in the science and technology board closed up. Except for new shares, the price rose sharply by 119.

Outside of 53%, Treasure Bio, Shuoshi Bio and Jingfeng Mingyuan all increased by more than 20% on the 20th.

  It is obvious that after the official opening on July 22, 2019, on January 22, 2020, the first batch of 25 science and technology board stocks ushered in the lifting of restricted shares, that is, the offline placement was locked for 6 months at the time of issuance.share.

The total number of lifted bans on the science and technology board is nearly 1.

2.4 billion shares, calculated on the 20th closing, lifted the market value of more than 40 trillion.

  As the key sectors bearing the reform of the registration system, the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the Growth Enterprise Market have continued to receive recent news, which has also indirectly promoted the continued attention of funds.

  From January 16 to 17, the 2020 SFC System Working Conference will be elected in Beijing.

According to the meeting, the establishment of the Science and Technology Innovation Board last year and the major reform of the pilot registration system were successfully implemented. The registration system with information disclosure as the core functioned well. The role of the Science and Technology Innovation Board in leading economic development to innovation-driven transformation has initially appeared.

  At the same time, the meeting proposed that the reform of the registration system should take the lead this year and make every effort to tackle major reforms.

Steady progress was made in the reform of the registration system with information disclosure at its core.

Efforts will be made to run the science and technology board well, and support and encourage more “hard technology” companies to go public.

The GEM reform was smoothly launched and the registration system was piloted.

  Obviously, as a force with increasing influence on A-shares, Northbound Funds continued to 青岛夜网 maintain a strong attitude of sweeping goods against A-shares.

  2019 is a crucial year for foreign capital allocation of A shares. In that year, the three major international index systems represented by MSCI have divided A shares. Among them, MSCI completed the third expansion of A shares in November 2019.

After the third expansion of MSCI was launched, some institutions had predicted that the trend of the serious net purchase of A shares by Beishanglu Securities will be sued.

However, from the actual situation since then, the speed of China Stock Connect’s fund sweeping of A shares has not weakened, but has further strengthened: between November 14, 2019 and December 30, 2019, China Stock Connect had 30 consecutiveNet buying on the trading day, refreshing the continuous net buying record in the stage!

  How will the follow-up market go?

Anxin Strategy believes that in the short term, the focus of the market will return to fundamentals, especially the quarterly report.

It is expected that the growth sector will still show an upward trend in the first quarter. At the same time, under the expected recovery of the manufacturing industry, at the low inventory level, there will also be structural upswing opportunities in the sectors that benefit from the improvement of fundamental margin support, such as some machinery, chemicals, nonferrous metals, etc.

  CITIC Construction Investment pointed out that in advance of the Lunar New Year, according to historical statistics, the experience index will still have a high probability of inertial growth, and it is recommended to maintain high position holdings unchanged; GEM will continue to reproduce the performance forecast before the end of January, and it is expected to2 weeks will continue the current heat, it is recommended to maintain the high position configuration unchanged, market value style GEM short, medium and long-term dominance is unchanged.

Yonghui Supermarket (601933): Promote the synergy between the two parties with Wuhan State-owned Zhongbai’s long-term Memorandum of Cooperation

Yonghui Supermarket (601933): Promote the synergy between the two parties with Wuhan State-owned Zhongbai’s long-term “Memorandum of Cooperation”

Yonghui Supermarket issued an announcement and has reached a consensus with Wuhan State-owned Assets on issues related to Zhongbai Group and launched a “Cooperation Announcement”, which includes: 1) Cancellation of the tender offer plan: Yonghui will support Wuhan State-owned Assets as the actual controller of Zhongbai.Cancel the partial tender offer plan for Zhongbai to maintain the current 29.

The 86% shareholding ratio remains unchanged; 2) It is clearly stated that “in three years, the net interest rate of Zhongbai’s main business shall be increased to 2.

The goal of 5% “is to seek strategic cooperation and coordinated development from three aspects: ① Promote market-oriented reforms: Yonghui will assist in promoting the 合肥夜网 market-oriented reforms of the Zhongbai Group’s operating team (the chairman of Zhongbai is appointed by Wuhan State-owned Assets, and the general manager is appointed byYonghui nominated) to promote the implementation of the fair incentive plan of Zhongbai Group; ② Business process optimization: Yonghui will work with Zhongbai to formulate a “14th Five-Year Plan” for cooperation and development to help Zhongbai optimize business processes; ③ The synergy effect will play a role: Both partiesStrategic cooperation will be strengthened in procurement, logistics, human resources, and management.

  Comment 1. Yonghui is expected to benefit from three aspects: ① As a shareholder of Zhongbai, Yonghui maintains its shareholding ratio.

86% unchanged, and it is also expected to benefit from the performance improvement of Zhongbai 苏州桑拿网 in the future; ② The synergies between the two parties in the supply chain, logistics and other aspects are also expected to enhance Yonghui’s scale effect; ③ At the same time, after canceling the tender offer, Yonghui canBetter focus on advantageous resources and expand to innovative business areas such as supply chain, store expansion, and “home”.

  2. The company’s main business has grown steadily, and its innovative business has been actively deployed.

① Revenue side: Benefiting from the CPI boost and the company’s combined operating capabilities, we expect the same store in Q4 is still expected to maintain a rapid growth of about 3%. At the same time, we expect 150 large store exhibition stores and 600-700 mini store exhibition stores., Contribution increase; ② Profit side: new stores such as mini stores and Yonghui shopping app may drag on profits in the short term, but we expect to be within the controllable range, while benefiting from the use of economies of scale, smart China-Taiwan construction, etc.Efficiency is expected to improve further.

  3. The medium and long-term development prospects are broad.

As the leader of fresh produce supermarkets, Yonghui has always been in the barriers of advantage in terms of supply chain, fresh produce operation and store management.

At this stage, Yonghui is actively developing the home business while solidifying its ability to reach the store.

Through the company’s omni-channel and multi-scenario layout optimization, market share is expected to continue to increase.

Optimistic about the company’s future development prospects.

  Estimates suggest maintaining earnings forecasts.

The current contradiction corresponds to 33/27 times P / E in 2019/20.

Maintain Outperform industry rating and target price of 10.

0 yuan, corresponding to 44/36 times P / E in 2019/20, with 31% growth space.

  The growth rate of risk innovation business has increased; industry competition has continued to intensify.