[Are there any sequelae of abortion and anaesthetics?


[Are there any sequelae of abortion and anaesthetics?

Abortion itself is hugely harmful to women. In addition, in the process of abortion, anesthetic is required. This layer of injury must be added with the possible danger of anesthetic. The harms of abortion and anesthetic in production are similar.of.

The first is the time when a person will be comatose after taking anesthesia during the operation, and then if the effect of the anesthesia is not good or it will not cause the patient to be unbearable, and there are complications caused by allergies to the anesthetic, nausea, vomiting, and itching.


The initial need for awake long-term maternal anesthesia after the operation officially started, after the operation, the maternal was pushed into the recovery room and stopped here?
Two hours, depending on the method of anesthesia used.

If the mother is using an epidural or spinal sinus, she should stay in the recovery room until her lower body becomes aware and her legs can be twisted.

If general anesthesia is adopted, it is necessary to stay in the recovery room until the consciousness is completely restored. Therefore, after anesthesia, it is not as timely as awake.


If the anesthesia effect is not good, the pain is unbearable. If the pregnant woman has undergone a trial before the cesarean section, the pain caused by the regular contraction of the uterus, and the pregnant woman is tired. After the anesthesia, the contraction pain disappears and the pain is relieved. Some pregnant women immediatelyWill fall asleep and has a good anesthetic effect.

However, there are also cases where the anesthetic effect is not good, so the pain caused by stretching is very uncomfortable when taking weight and washing the abdomen (so-called gurgling water).

If this happens, the doctor will take some analgesics and sedatives to relieve the mother’s pain after the baby is dialyzed, so that the mother will have a strong sleepiness and reduce the pain.


Analysis of complications caused by anesthesia Analyze whether to use local anesthesia during abdominal delivery. Some women may experience severe headaches, and some people may feel back pain. The symptoms vary from person to person.

With general anesthesia, you may feel dizzy, dry and sore throat, or feel nauseous and vomit.

If morphine is used in the anesthetic, the mother may still feel itchy all over the body, but these side effects generally occur after delivery 24?
It gradually disappeared within 48 hours.


Unexpected conditions in anesthesia. During local anesthesia, epidural anesthesia is often used as an anesthesia method. This method will have a certain interference with the blood circulation system, so you must be careful during use.

If pregnant women with hypertension syndrome, anemia, poor cardiac compensation function, and uncooperative mothers take complications, it is likely that accidents will occur and endanger the lives of mothers and infants.

Endotracheal intubation is required for general anesthesia, and the physiological changes of pregnant women during pregnancy, endotracheal intubation has certain difficulties. Once the intubation fails, the maternal will be in danger of life.

[Does bird’s nest have to be eaten on an empty stomach?]

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Ten billion private placements in the third quarter: Wang Yawei for four quarters to lighten up Sanju Environmental Protection


Ten billion private placements in the third quarter: Wang Yawei for four quarters to lighten up Sanju Environmental Protection

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to the best-funded fund course of the University of Finance’s “Best Practice Course for Fund Investment Without Taking a Detour”. The “trillion dollar asset leader” will take you to the actual combat of funds.

  Original title: Ten-Year Private Equity Third-Quarter Position Exposure: Wang Yawei Lightens Up Sanju Environmental Protection for Four Consecutive Seasons By October 31, the third quarterly report of A-share listed companies has been replaced.

A total of 3,692 listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets disclosed the three quarterly reports, and the operation of private equity of ten billion securities was clearly presented.

  Wind Statistics shows that the thousands of books originally owned by the star fund manager Wang Yawei appeared in three listed companies in the third quarter of this year.

To be specific, the securities investment trusts reduced Sanju Environmental Protection (300072).

This is the fourth quarter of the joint venture to reduce its holdings of Sanju Environmental Protection.

  Feng Liu, a fund manager affiliated with Gao Yi, increased his holdings in stocks such as Chenxin Pharmaceutical (603367) and Livzon Group (000513), while reducing the holdings of Jinyu Medical (603882) which has spread this year; another fundManager Deng Xiaofeng mainly increased his shareholding in Chengde Lulu (000848), and withdrew from the list of the top ten 厦门夜网 tradable shareholders of Ping An Bank (000001) and Zhonghuan (002129).

Freshwater Spring has entered Huayu Software (300271) as one of the top ten shareholders of circulation. Jinglin Investment has reduced its shareholding in Fuanna (002327) for four quarters.

  Wind data shows that the list of the top ten tradable shareholders of the 210 new companies listed in the data shows that a total of 845 listed companies appear in the third quarter report of 2019.133 companies have increased their holdings.

  From the perspective of industry distribution, of the 28 industries in Shenwan ‘s first class, private equity held the most shares in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, and mechanical equipment industries, with 85, 84, and 74 companies respectively.

There were no sunny private placements in the list of the top ten shareholders of tradable shares in the banking sector, which was three fewer than the half-yearly report in 2019.

  From the perspective of holding stock market value, wind data show that the private equity holders’ 23 stocks have a market value of more than 1 billion yuan at the end of the period.

Among them, the stock with the highest stock market value held by private placement is Guizhou Maotai (600519), which was held by two private placement products at the end of the third quarter in a row, holding a total of 81.

19 trillion, far more than the second-place Guosheng Financial Holdings (002670) holding a stock market value of 69.

500 million yuan.

BYD (002594) ‘s private equity holdings also have a stock market value of more than 6 billion, which is 60.

3.6 billion.

  Privately held A-share listed companies with market capitalization of more than US $ 1 billion in the third quarter of 2019. From the perspective of concentration, a total of 11 stocks were held by more than 5 private placement products.

Among them, Dongxu Lantian (000040) was held simultaneously by 7 private placement products, ranking first, with a total of 1 shareholding.

9.7 billion shares.

Yichang Jiaoyun (002627) and Guangdong Ganhua (000576) were held by six private placement products, respectively.

  In terms of the concentration of private equity in the third quarter of 2019, in terms of new stocks, among the 210 listed companies, the highest new stock market value is Zijin Mining (601899), which is held by two private equity products in total of 10.

09 trillion, the stock is also the number of new shares with the highest number of shares, held a total of 3.

0.9 billion shares.

  Richen shares (603755) and Hanchuan Smart (688022) were simultaneously held by five new private equity products, with 1.51 million new shares and 630,000 new shares respectively.

  Hanchuan Intelligent is a stock of science and technology innovation board. It is a professional integrated solution provider for intelligent manufacturing equipment. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, sales and service of intelligent manufacturing equipment in the automotive electronics, medical health, new energy batteries and other industries.

In the first three quarters, Hanchuan Intelligent achieved net profit of 3553.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 25 per year (compared with the same period last year).

5%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 30.27 million, an increase of 42.


  At the same time, the positions of well-known private equity funds have also been exposed in three quarterly reports.

  Gaoyi Assets: Withdraw from Ping An Bank (000001) Following the second quarter’s reduction, Gao Yi Assets completely withdrew from the list of the top ten shareholders of Ping An Bank.

  Looking at Wind data and Chaoyang Wealth data, in the third quarter of 2019, five private equity products managed by star fund manager Feng Liu, chief investment officer Deng Xiaofeng and managing director Sun Qingrui appeared in the list of the top ten shareholders of 38 stocks.

  Specifically, the products managed by Deng Xiaofeng appeared in the list of the top ten circulating shareholders of eight listed companies, and the total stock market value reached 31.

2.2 billion.

  In the third quarter, the new stock that Zijin Mining has the highest stock market value in the third quarter was mentioned by Deng Xiaofeng. The two products held 30858 in total.

450,000 shares, holding a stock market value of 10.

09 billion, showing his favor of the stock.He also newly joined Wandong Medical (600055), holding a total of 1767 for the two products.

840,000 shares; increased holdings of Chengde Lulu (000848), Hesheng Silicon (603260), continued to hold Hongfa shares (600885), Hisun Pharmaceutical (600267), etc.

  At the same time, products managed by Deng Xiaofeng reduced their holdings of Foster (603806), Guangwei Composites (300699), etc., and exited the top ten companies such as Sanhuan Group (300408), Ping An Bank (000001), and Central Stocks (002129)Shareholders.

  Gao Yi Linshan No.1 Yuanwang Fund, managed by Feng Liu, currently appears in the list of the top ten circulating shareholders of 28 listed companies.

  Feng Liu is good at value investing and is known for his deep insights into the consumer, pharmaceutical and retail industries.

  He holds 9 new shares in Zhongqi (300575), Changjiu Logistics (603569), Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (002555) and Juneyao Airlines (603885).

Livzon Group (000513), Longping Hi-Tech (000998), Chenxin Pharmaceutical (603367) and other stocks have significantly increased their holdings. The number of additional shares is 13 million shares, 12 million shares and 13.2 million shares. The latestThe stock market value is 8.

8 billion, 4.

3.9 billion yuan and 3.

4.7 billion yuan.

Among them, Livzon Group performed very well, with an increase of 68 during the year.


  At the same time, he reduced Sofia (002572), Lingrui Pharmaceutical (600285), Kangyuan Pharmaceutical (600557), Golden Medical (603882), Hexing Packaging (002228), Hailide (002206), and China Inspection Group (603060))), Guangri Co. (600894), etc., also withdrew from the top ten circulation shareholders of 5 companies including Xinhua Medical, China Science and Technology, Precision Forging Technology, Ma Yinglong, and Weixing.

  In addition, Gaoyi Qingrui No. 6 Ruihang Fund, which is managed by Sun Yirui, the managing director of Gaoyi Assets, also appeared in the list of shareholders of a number of listed companies in the third quarter, respectively, including Opcom (300595) and Beta Pharmaceuticals (300558), respectively.Holds 269.

160,000 shares, 215.

03 million shares.

  Freshwater Springs: Long-term holding of GoerTek (002241). Freshwater Springs is known for its ability to reverse the layout at the first level. The private placement ranking network data show that the average return of Freshwater Springs this year is 35.

twenty one%.

According to the third quarterly report, Zhao Jun ‘s “Freshwater Spring Select Phase I” appeared among the top ten circulating shareholders of 12 stocks. In the third quarter, new Huayu Software (300,271) 9.12 million shares, and new China Zhongmu (600195) 45310,000 shares, and also added positions to Crystal Optoelectronics (002273), Sanhuan Group (30048) and China Wuyi (000797).

  It seems that Danshuiquan has long held Gore shares (002241). The fund bought Gore shares as early as 2014 and has held them for a long time. It has continued to adhere to it in the third quarter and currently ranks No. 10 in the company’s top ten outstanding shares.7 digits.

Due to the concept of wireless earphones, Goer’s shares doubled in the third quarter, and it has been up 174 since the beginning.

1%, latest sustainable reach 18.

63 yuan.

  Jinglin Assets: Slightly Adjusted Positions Jinglin Assets ‘position changes in the third quarter were relatively small and re-increased or exited individual stocks.

Data show that in the third quarter, Jinglin Assets continued to hold Fu Ana (002327) and Dahua (002236), while making small adjustments.

Compared with the second quarter indicators, Jinglin Assets increased its holdings of Dahua shares by approximately 2.26 million shares in the third quarter, with a market value of approximately 500 million yuan.

In addition, Fuanna has reduced its holdings by approximately 1.06 million shares, with a market value of approximately 0.

4.5 billion.

  Thousands of joint ventures: Continue to reduce the shareholding of Sanju Environmental Protection (300072), the original “public offering of a brother”, and the star fund manager Wang Yawei’s thousands of households appeared in three listed companies in the third quarter of this year, holding a total of stock market conditions.

5 billion yuan.

Specifically, the 昀 沣 Securities Investment Trust slightly reduced its holding of Sanju Environmental Protection (300072) and still held 3631.


This is the fourth quarter of the joint venture to reduce its holdings of Sanju Environmental Protection.
In addition, No. 6 Securities Investment Trust holds two stocks of Yilianzhong (300096) and Jiangsu Thorpe (600746), with 2.2 million shares and 900,000 shares respectively.

  How to get the market outlook?

  Regarding the A-share market trend in the fourth quarter, most private placements are cautiously optimistic.

  According to the private placement ranking survey, the average position of existing stock strategy private equity funds is 66.

55%, about 64 in the same period last month.

54%, up 3 from the previous month.

11%, but it is still at the mid-low level of the past five months.  As for the distribution of specific positions, the survey results show that 11.

07% of private placements are currently full, unchanged from last month.

However, the number of private equity funds in middle and high positions has increased, 79 of which.

39% of private equity funds have 50% or more positions, and more than 80% of private equity positions account for 43.

13%, a significant increase from last month’s data.

Overall, after the National Day holiday in October, private fund managers were divided into small positions.

  Yuan Lesheng believes that the A-share market has shown a turbulent trend in the past month. Reorganization is the market’s concern about the existence of conditions for monetary policy relaxation and transformation. It is the need for some investors to terminate the realization of earnings.

Historically, in the fourth quarter, there were various game factors in the A-share market, among which some investors had the need to eventually redeem their earnings.

The yields of many institutions this year are at a relatively high level in history. There will be a game brought by public funds to compete for rankings in the fourth quarter, so the influence of this factor will be further amplified.

However, these are relatively short-term factors. In the long run, when the market expects more stable growth measures or monetary policy factors to be broken, the A-share market will usher in more obvious investment opportunities. It is still in the process of accumulating strength.In.

  ”In terms of investment strategy, we still continue the idea of ’emphasizing structure and neglecting indices.’

In the process of economic transformation and industrial upgrading, the scale characteristics of China’s economy have gradually diminished, and structural differentiation has become increasingly apparent.

“Chongyang Investment said.

  In terms of promising companies, Chongyang Investment believes that there are two main types: one is a “new economy” company that is in line with the direction of economic transformation and development, and the other is an “old economy” strong that can win in the adjustment of stocks.

Shandong Road and Bridge (000498) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: 1Q19 Revenue Growth Bright Net Profit Continues to Improve

Shandong Road and Bridge (000498) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: 1Q19 Revenue Growth Bright Net Profit Continues to Improve

Event: Shandong Luqiao released the first quarter report of 2019.

In the first quarter of 19, the company achieved revenue of 46.

6 billion, a year-on-year increase of +135.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

0 billion, a year-on-year increase of +222.


19Q1 revenue growth is dazzling, and the net profit rate continues to improve: the company’s 2Q18-1Q19 revenue growth rate, the gross profit margin was 23.

2% / 31.

7% /-2.

7% / 135.

34%, 6.

2% / 9.

7% / 16.

7% / 6.

8%, which are -94 compared to the same period last year.

6 / -30.

6 / -17.

5 / + 83.

One, -9.

5 / -1.

8 / + 4.

5 / -1.

6pcts; The large increase in revenue in 1Q19 was due to the large-scale project construction workload in the quarter, and the revenue was confirmed more. The gross profit margin fell slightly or may be higher than that in large-scale projects with 1Q19 workload. The impact of raw material price increases is still being digested.

As the proportion of large-scale projects gradually returns to a reasonable level, the owner partially resumes the increase in raw material prices and affects the price difference. 西安耍耍网 It is expected that the gross profit margin will gradually rise.

Benefiting from the improvement of the company’s management efficiency, the interest-bearing debt / total expenditure costs continued to decline, the company’s management expense ratio (excluding research and development expenses), and the financial expense ratio were changed by -1 from the previous changes.

9 / -1.

0pcts drove the company’s expense ratio to drop continuously during 1Q19.

4 pieces to 3.

5%, the company’s return to its parent’s net interest rate extended by 0.

6 points to 2.

2%, continuing the improvement trend.

There are abundant orders in hand and regional infrastructure investment is good: at the end of the last 18 years, the company has signed 244 outstanding orders.

200 million, has won the bid for this order has not yet signed the contract52.

100 million, signed unfinished orders is one of the revenue in ten years in 18 years.

7 times, relatively abundant orders in hand, strong performance guarantee.

Considering the continuation of the marginal improvement in the growth rate of infrastructure investment in the country, 2H18 countries have successively issued policies to promote infrastructure “shoring shortcomings”. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Shandong is expected to expand and rebuild 800 kilometers of expressways and build 2,200 kilometers more. The regional infrastructure boomGood luck.

As the leader of road and bridge construction in Shandong and its surrounding areas, the company is backed by the advantages of Shandong Expressway Group. Luqiao Group, a core subsidiary of Tiefa Fund, is committed to developing the company’s railway business acquisition capabilities. It is expected that new breakthrough orders will maintain steady growth.

Equity incentives stimulate the company’s vitality and maintain a “buy” rating: In early 18th, the company adopted a stock compensation incentive plan with the company’s leadership and technical backbone as the main incentive object. On January 15, 2019, the company adjusted the stock budget incentive object to4 incentive objects added 37 rewards.With 560,000 stock budgets, the company’s equity incentive plan merges and binds the interests of the company and core employees to further plan the company’s vitality.

Taking into account the high degree of attractions in Shandong and surrounding infrastructure areas, the company has too many orders on hand, revenue growth may remain high, and its profitability is gradually improving. We raise our forecast for net profit attributable to mothers to 7 in 19-21.



400 million (previous value was 7.



500 million), the corresponding EPS is 0.



93 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 9 respectively.

3x / 8.

0x / 6.

8x, which is estimated to be close to the lowest level in the past 5 years, and maintains a “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The price adjustment with the owner is less than expected, the project progress is less than expected, and regional investment changes