[4 best times for men and women have this best sexual approach]


[4 best times for men and women have this best sexual approach]

A survey indicates that more than 80% of people have experienced such a “sex unemployment period” in their lives.

Sexual Unemployment Period Some people say that the empty window of sex refers to a period of time (usually from one month to two years) when the stable sex life comes to an abrupt end, and couples cannot enjoy normal regular sex.

There are many reasons for sexual “unemployment”. If they are not handled properly, they may cause tandem problems, such as mutual suspicion, derailment, the appearance of a third party, and the indifferent feelings of husband and wife.

Therefore, everyone with sexual experience should learn to deal with the “sex unemployment period” correctly.

Separation period between the two places.

Due to objective reasons such as work, some couples have to separate the two places. The separation of the space is called the couple’s body, which is emotionally tortured, and is prone to loneliness, annoyance, irritability, resentment and other emotions, and therefore quarrels and accusations.

This is also an important reason why many “distance love” and “couples of the two places” eventually separated.

Coping strategies: In addition to maintaining a phone call and text message once a day, lovers in two places should agree on a time period for meeting, such as 2-3 months.

You can also solve the problem of Acacia through network video and other methods.

It should be noted that the two sides must trust each other, because there are many things that are likely to cause suspicion in the two places apart. Do not say “Do you have someone else?”